Extensive peatland areas (lowland blanket bog and wet heath) occur on the western edge of Galway City. These internationally rare habitats occur together in mosaics in the townlands of Cappagh and Ballagh. The peaty landscape is part of the cultural heritage of the west of Ireland, particularly Galway.

An area of peatland just within the City boundary is part of the Moycullen Bogs Natural Heritage Area (NHA), designated as part of the Wildlife Act (2000)

A rare plant, the slender bog cotton, occurs in particularly wet, quaking bogs and peaty lake edges and is found within the city boundaries.



Wildlife Habitats

  1. Waterways and Wetlands
  2. Peatland
  3. Woodland
  4. Coastal Zone
  5. Exposed Limestone Rock and Pavement
  6. Urban Habitats

Galway City’s Wildlife