Galway City is very fortunate to have several beautiful urban woodlands at Barna, Dangan, Roscam, Merlin Park and Menlo, as well as the newly planted Terryland Forest Park.

While these woodlands are not all dominated by native species, woodlands are incredibly important for wildlife, particularly birds, bats, other small mammals, invertebrates, lichens and fungi. Woodlands are also highly valued for recreation and greatly enhance the cityscape.

We have a website dedicated to Barna Woods which encourages the participation of people who care about the woods and wish to ‘have their say’, please visit and look around www.galwaybarnawoods.com




Red fox by Dermot Rooney

Wildlife habitats

  1. Waterways and wetlands
  2. Peatland
  3. Woodland and City Woodland Parks
  4. Coastal zone
  5. Exposed limestone rock and pavement
  6. Urban habitats

Galway city’s wildlife