What You Can Do



  • Get involved with local organisations and environmental NGOs such as BirdWatch Galway, Galway Bat Group, An Taisce, Crann, Irish Wildlife Trust, Conservation Volunteers Ireland, Friends of Merlin Woods or Terryland Forest Park Volunteers
  • Put up a bird table.
  • Plant a few native trees and shrubs (e.g. rowan, birch, holly and guelder rose are good for small gardens).
  • Avoid using herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilisers.
  • Introduce some plants into your garden that are good for wildlife such as native trees and shrubs.

Community Groups

  • Adopt a local natural area and develop a local biodiversity action plan
  • Plant native trees and shrubs.
  • Put up bird and bat boxes in your local area.
  • Organise a clean-up of any rubbish in hedgerows, streams and other local wild beauty spots.
  • Avoid using herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilisers when managing green spaces.
  • Leave some areas to ‘go wild’ and minimise management such as mowing or strimming.


  • Develop a wildlife garden project in the school grounds.
  • Put up bird tables and study usage.
  • Run poster and photography competitions to promote pride in Galway City.
  • Facilitate student-led projects to identify threats to Galway’s natural heritage and possible remedies.

Local Businesses

  • Support local community groups and schools working to improve the natural environment.
  • Ensure that business practices do not have a negative impact on biodiversity or the environment.
  • Follow the biodiversity guidelines developed by Bord Fáilte and Notice Nature if business directly or indirectly associated with tourism industry.