Galway City Biodiversity Action Plan


Many thanks to everyone who contributed submissions to the Galway City Biodiversity Action Plan.

The Galway City Biodiversity Action Plan is currently being finalised for the city. This plan is a ten year strategic plan of action to protect, manage and enhance biodiversity in the city.

The main objectives of the Galway City Biodiversity Action Plan are:

  1. To raise awareness and appreciation of biodiversity.
  2. To maintain and enhance biodiversity within the city
  3. To increase our knowledge and understanding of biodiversity

The Galway City Biodiversity Action Plan provides an invaluable opportunity for people and organisations to work together to halt the loss of biodiversity in the city.

Download the draft Galway City Biodiversity Action Plan here.

We would like to keep you up to date with the progress of the Plan. Please find below a report on the consultation process and feedback so far:

Galway City BAP Consultation Report

Here we have provided content from some of the submissions:

A list of recorded species within the city boundaries from the National Biodiversity Data Centre - Species List for Galway City

Inland Fisheries Ireland - IFI Submission to the Galway City Biodiversity Action Plan

Proposed coastal biodiversity enhancement projects from Dr Louise Firth of the Ryan Institute at NUIG - Louise Firth Coastal Projects summary